Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memory game with song graphics

Months and months ago I happened upon Oh sing sing sing ... We love to sing. She shared this great resource: someone who has made and posted (for free!) various things on TpT [sign up for a free account today!!!! You won't regret it - I adore Teachers pay Teachers - sooooooo many fabulous idea].

I grabbed some of these great calendar pages, cut them up, laminated them and use them for playing memory. As Oh sing sing sing says: "I put the songs underneath them and have the kids call out 2 numbers and check to see if it is a match. I love them because they have the numbers on them so they can call out the number from their chair and saves time not having the kids get up and down and move all about.I can switch out what I put on the back. So far, I have just used song titles that we are reviewing this year. "

My previous post has the graphics I have used that are mostly from Susan Fitch Design. I reduced them to a size that would fit on the calendar cards and for the 2013 songs, since Susan just had one graphic each, I would print those pages twice. However, Susan made some previous graphics where she doubled the image and saved it as such - so of those I just printed one page. I was reading her 2013 primary song post again this evening and realized that the link she provides for the previous songs doesn't work. But you can find them here (and they are adorable!!!!!!!)

Hopefully later I'll be able to update with a picture of the cards (they are currently at the meetinghouse awaiting next week to serve as a substitute game as I will be out on vacation)

Hide the Magnet Cut and Paste

Primary Singing Time Magic has posed the question: ?What are your favorite "back pocket" ideas that you can just pull out of your bag and use when the situation arises?? *I am actually paraphrasing rather than quoting*
And I found this one that would be great for that {even though I didn't leave that in my comment}.

Again, from Notes from a Novice Primary Song Leader: Hide the Magnet

I have some of these that I got from Wal-Mart on clearance. The middle circles in them do have cute little designs, so at least they aren't as quite utilitarian looking. But what I really want is the ones below. [Especially since my brother totally works at HSN2!!!!! Maybe he can score one for me - he gets the best presents for everyone since he started working there -- how lucky am I?]

Anyway, Here is the idea from Notes from a Novice Primary leader:

Today, with a rowdy, holiday-weekend Jr. Primary, I decided at the last minute to do the good ol' hide-the-magnet game instead of my planned activity.  They LOVED it - Jr. and Sr. both - they sang great and participate the whole time!  It's a game they played often with the previous chorister.

Basic idea - you pick two children.  One goes out into the hall while the other hides the magnet (a good-size clamp one, like the kind you use to seal food bags or hang notes on the fridge with).  When the hall kid comes back in, the primary sings louder/softer depending on how close the hall kid is getting to the magnet.

Super simple.  No prep.  And, apparently, a fave for our primary.  

I had the idea of having the child that hides the magnet pick one of the songs (from my song graphic cards below - mostly by Susan Fitch Design), showing it to the kids and then clipping it to the magnet! Then the child who finds the magnet picks the next song, attaches it to the magnet (great fine motor skills for the younger set!) and hides the magnet.

Here are my song graphics - almost all of them are from Susan Fitch (the ones that are nowhere near as cute were done by me - you'll be able to tell). I did include some "fun songs" that aren't on the schedule for 2013 [and designed by Susan Fitch as well]

Double the Dice cut and paste

This half hour's cut and paste (for I will post another one as soon as I am done with this one) is from Notes from a Novice Primary Music Leader: Double the Dice!! She writes:

For our review , I am doubling the dice.  I printed a set of cards with the names of program songs for the year and will attach them to one of my "Ways to Sing" dice.  We'll have the kids take turn rolling both a song and a way to sing.  Easy and definitely reuseable!

Now ------
I have found fabuloso graphics from Susan Fitch designs. They are beautiful but the format they are in is a little different - when you paste the image, the image is in the right hand side and to the left of it there is quite a bit of blank space. So when I enlarged all these images, it looks kind of weird - I had to rotate to get the image in the left hand top side - so the image might be upside down or sideways, but when you cut it out, that won't be a problem.
Remember - all graphics except for "Can a Little Child like Me" and "I Know My Father Lives" are all by Susan Fitch (mine are lame, but what can you do - I picked very rare choices)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Give said the Little Stream cut and paste

And today's cut and paste idea is from one of my very favorite bloggers in blogland: Sofia's Primary Ideas!This awesome rocking blog was one of the very first I came across after being called to be primary president. With preparing monthly sharing times behind me, alas, I do not frequent her blog as much -- but it is still an incredible resource. As seen here below:
I'm so excited for spring songs!!
1. Take some paper and whip out your black marker.
2. Draw a stream, a cloud with raindrops & find a picture of Jesus from The Friend to cut out.
3. Hot glue on popsicle sticks. Hot glue wiggly eyes onto your stream, cloud & raindrops. Let the children hold/wave while you sing!
Fun! And simple!
Idea and picture belong to Sofia's Primary Ideas! Thanks again for another fantastic idea!!!! Can't wait to teach this song - most likely in summer

Monday, May 6, 2013

Songs for Posting for May

Here are the songs I will post for May (that I have not previously printed).
They are:
You've Had A Birthday p. 285
Mother Dear p. 206
Mother Tell Me the Story p. 204
I Want to Give the Lord my Tenth p. 250
Stand for the Right p. 259

Friday, May 3, 2013

a rainbow in a couple of cups cut and paste idea

So, I was surfing again and found this FABULOUS idea that could work in a number of ways!
Primary Notes 29 found this idea from Primary Singing Ideas
1) Fill clear containers (ie: plastic drinking cups) with 3/4 cup water and 1/3 cup vinegar. (the ratio can be varied, but more vinegar= more fizz). PLACE CONTAINERS on a BAKING SHEET. This WILL MAKE A MESS!!!!

2) Place one small drop of food coloring on a metal spoon (don't use clear spoons, since you can see the color on the other side), then place a heaping teaspoon of baking soda on top, or enough to make sure the food coloring is covered.

3) Have a child come up and pick a spoon to stir in a cup of "water".
It will fizz like crazy and remain clear while fizzing, so make sure they keep stirring.
Once the fizz has settled down, the color will show up.

I will be using 6 different colors. red, green, yellow, blue, orange (one drop yellow and one drop red), and purple (one drop red and one drop blue) 

(Notice the water on the bottom of the baking sheet? It WILL bubble over and make a mess. Paper towels would be a good idea to bring...)

  • AS A REVIEW: Color of the water = a color on the board that represents the song we are to sing.
  • LEARNING LYRICS: Color of the water is the color of words written on a white board or chalk board. Erase the words written in that color.
  • Would be fun with the song When I Am Baptized (...I like to look for rainbows...) 
So I thought - why yes This WOULD be a great activity for When I am baptized. I will probably write out the verses on a white board for Senior, but I made word strips with pictures for Junior (because I really like pictures - all from google - I just searched and clicked copy) So here is my pdf of word strips. It's not formatted well because I just plan on cutting it up and tacking it together on the board.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Mother Dear Activity

A gift from above in the form of inspiration has hit me! I will be using this flip chart that I found on Sugardoodle that is in black and white and I will use the flip chart to go over the song in Junior and then I'll give them the coloring sheet.
BUT in Senior primary, we'll go over the song with the flip chart AND THEN I'll whip out my foam board (that I just might spray paint pink) and let THEM make the poster by coloring the flip chart, cutting out the words and adding a few additional pieces of clip art I found on google

I hope they like making the poster as much as I think that they will. Hey! I might even bring my paper cutter to make it that more interesting for them - My own kids think the paper cutter is just 9 ways to cool.