Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Week of "In His Holy Name"

If you haven't heard, I LOVE THIS SONG!! And I can't WAIT  to teach it. But, I'll be flying solo, so I'll have to make this all up on my own.
For my introduction, I will be using pictures from the library!!!!!! And it so helps that we are already learning about Jesus and they have already seen these pictures and have heard these stories. This curriculum is truly inspired! Half the work is already done (by someone else! So genius!)

HERE is where you can find the text of the song on

1. When Jesus lived upon the earth,
He showed His love for all mankind.
(at this point, you could show a picture of Jesus being born, but I am going to skip straight to his adult years starting with the picture of Him and Mary and Martha - you know, because it is cool)
                                                       (this image can be found HERE)
He blessed the faithful through His pow’r
and made them whole again.
for this, I chose the woman at the well picture which I will have to print unless I buy another gospel art picture book (my original disappeared into thin air) and I wanted a picture that seemed to fit the healing aspect of the verse a little bit more, but I really use all of those for the chorus

                                                          (this picture can be found HERE)
Chorus: Jesus cleansed the leper  
this picture was used in a sharing time and I had never seen it before. But it came from the library, so I am really excited to use it (especially since the first counselor already went over the story associated with it - see half the work done already!) However, I can't seem to find it on, so hopefully you can locate it in your library without a problem
                                             (hopefully this link will work: click HERE)
and helped the blind to see.
this classic was used in the same aforementioned sharing time
                                                  (this picture can be found HERE)

Jesus healed the sick in Galilee.
Yes, I am totally going to rip from google images and just print a cute map. Sorry. I know I have disappointed someone (I might actually head back to the library and see if I can pull up a map of Galilee from there, but that does require effort, so I may just click "print" instead)
                                        (this picture can be found HERE)
He laid His hands upon each head; Yes, yes, I know this is a picture of Him ordaining the apostles rather than blessing sick people, but I still think it totally works. However, I couldn't find it in the library today which means I'll have to print it - or rifle through the manual pictures (Isn't it super awesome how the site tells you ALL the places you can find each picture?! More genius!)
                                                     (this picture can be found HERE)
He blessed the deaf I found this picture on google image search and didn't know that it was LDS until I clicked the link. Do you remember those books that told of bible and book of Mormon stories that were illustrated and had captions for each picture (you know, obviously meant for children)? I think that this comes from those. The link takes you to a page with three pictures, but I like the first one best and will use that one. This one will definitely need to be printed
                                                        (you can find this picture HERE)

and raised the dead;The only thing I can say about this one is that it is my favorite picture of Jesus EVER
                                                        (this picture can be found HERE)
He blessed the lame to walk again in His holy name.

2. It comforts me that I’ll be blessed
as hands are laid upon my head I found this picture in the library and it obviously came from manual kit, but I could not find it on
                                                         (this picture can be found HERE
               (There is another picture of priesthood blessing the sick on found HERE)
by worthy men with heavn’ly pow’r
to make me whole again. For this, I wanted a distinct picture of the men giving the blessing, rather than just their hands. This could totally be represented by the
priesthood blessing the sick picture that I just mentioned which can be found in the Sunbeam manual picture packet, or a various number of other pictures, but I particularly liked this one (even though it is not linked to
                                                       (this picture can be found HERE)
And the best thing about this song is that it is one of those
"This is what Jesus Did
This is how it relates to me
songs!  I love it!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

August Planning

So, I am writing this in the beginning of July - because crazily enough, I have time - so I am going to use it.
But that does mean that this will be bare bones. Once August does arrive, because I will be working activities for "In His Holy Name" from the February 1996 friend and probably will not have time to post a planning post.
So, as stated I will work on "In His Holy Name" which can be really hard to find, but it is beautiful, so I just can't give it up.
I finally, finally found a youtube video of it HERE
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
And I am really excited about this song. But I do realize that I will be making all the activities myself since I am probably the only one in the world doing this song for August

You can find my schedule HERE

You can find a partial document of the songs I will be posting (I already have some of these songs for posting and I am super lazy and did not find and format the other songs that I had printed previously)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 2015

Pardon the new layout, I was done with the winter one, but I am just too lazy to make the new one look decent. How do I maintain transparency when editing an image anyway?

Oh well, on to July!

How did introducing "Come Follow Me" go for you today? We had a great time! I used two different things from the Come Follow Me page on sugar doodle. I used the second file listed by Maria Johnson. Then I scrolled down to the bottom and clicked on the file that had the footprints.

I sang through the song with the flip chart then had a few kids gather around one the footprints and everyone would sing when we got to their footprint (I have a small primary, so I can do that sort of thing) and it worked SO WELL!

I am really at a loss as to what to do for the next two weeks, but that is why I look forward to each and every post from Camille's Primary Ideas.

The last week, we will be doing the pioneer activity that I have been doing for a couple of years. I will not be here, so it's a nice sub activity to just hand to someone

My plan for July can be found HERE

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fourth Article of Faith Melody Map

So, these Melody Maps are HARD to make. But I like them. I think they help me. But I am not sure if I am the only one that they help. However, I decided to make one for my May song anyway.

For May, I just felt that The Fourth Article of Faith was the best choice. However, if you have ever sung this song (or any of these odd Article of Faith songs), you will most likely agree that the timing is WEIRD. So for that reason, I decided that a melody map would be essential.

And because of the funky timing, I decided to color code the types of notes (e.g. quarter notes are green, half notes are purple, etc) I did also put on the side of the paper a key to guide me where to place the different notes (you will notice that b and c, for example are closer to each other than c or d, and that is because I tried to space the notes as they are spaced on the piano [b natural and c natural are only a half note apart whereas c natural and d natural are a full note apart] - now I may have gotten this incorrect, so please accept my apologies and please please please correct me (as I will probably never know better enough to correct myself)). 

A very nice thing about this particular song is that it is in the key of C major (I think) and there are no accidentals included in the song. Which makes it easier to map.

HERE is my melody map for the fourth article of Faith. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Follow the prophet cards expanded

So ------- let's talk about how computer illiterate I really am.

It is actually quite bad.

And a bit embarrassing.

But I really know absolutely nothing.

All I wanted to do was tile an image. And that isn't too terribly have a pdf. (Because if you have a pdf, all you do is go to print then in that neat little box you select the poster button and from there you enter a number into tile scale (200 gets you 6 blocks [or pages in this case]) and then you hit print and your printer (if it has enough ink) really does the rest. You do have to cut off the margins, but really it is an AWESOME tool)

But I didn't have a pdf. I had a jpg.

And how do you convert a jpg to a pdf? I still don't know. At least without spending money for some converter program (and even the "trial version" will convert an image that has an annoying "sample" watermark or even more annoying ad like box describing how it is created from a trial version.)

So I used my non-existent knowledge (or at the very least vastly inferior knowledge) of windows photo viewer and paint to kind of in an archaic and caveman like way blow up this very awesome jpg:
found from the March 2010 HERE (you need to keep scrolling - it is the 2nd picture in the article)
I saved the file from Then I double clicked it which opened it in Windows photo viewer. Once in Windows Photo Viewer, I clicked the open tab. From the drop down menu, I clicked open in paint (I bet there is a way to bypass this step, but please bear with my ignorance.)
Once it was open in Paint, I clicked the select tool.  I used it to highlight just one of the cards. I then clicked the crop button. Then I clicked resize. In my version of Paint, when you click resize, the default selection is percentage. I found that if I highlighted one of the boxes where 100 was and changed it to 300, it would produce just about the right size.

From there, I inserted each cropped and enlarged image into word, so I have a page for each "card".

Now that I have 9 standard page size images, next week I will use Primary Note 29's spin the chair idea for review.

I haven't printed this yet, and I may find some of these images in my sunbeam picture packet and just print the words and slap them on the picture to save ink (of course some of these images - like that fantastic Jonah one that defies description - are not in my sunbeam picture packet)

HERE is my document of each of the pictures in the above jpg on individual pages.

Please excuse my incompetence in this computer stuff.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

He Sent His Son melody map

Have you seen these melody maps cropping up everywhere? I would link to some, but as this an 11th hour activity (literally - it is 11 o clock in my area of the world - yes on SATURDAY NIGHT!), you'll just have to imagine with me.

I made a melody map for He Sent His Son!

Is it perfect? Absolutely not! Does it probably need work? Definitely! Aren't you so glad that google docs are editable? I know I sure am!

So click on this last minute lesson (if you don't mind all of its flaws)

Melody Map for He Sent His Son

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Know My Savior Loves Me

So I have been looking for things to introduce "I Know My Savior Loves Me" - we already have a poster that someone made years ago, but I thought I could find a way to put a new spin on it.

And boy did I find it.

Get your tissues ready and if you wish me luck to read this story to the kids in January without breaking down into a blubbering blob: I will do the same for you.

Sugardoodle: one of my favorite cheat sites ever: has a post from a sister who wrote a story for the kids to imagine what it would be like to be a Nephite child when Jesus came to America. I can't even think about it without tearing up - much less reading it OUT LOUD.

You can find that story HERE

As per her suggestion, I will use several pictures found in the gospel art book (which you can download in its entirety from the website - how awesome is that ?!) I will use pictures numbered 81-84 (which are actually pages 93-96 in the pdf). I am sure I have some of those floating around in my vast mumbled collection of church items, but it sure is nice to know that I now have the entire Gospel Art Book digitally available at the click of a button (or mouse - or touchpad  - or actual screen if you have a fancy dancy touchscreen computer like my husband does [but he won't let me touch it])