Monday, August 22, 2016

2017 Outline for Sharing Time

Everywhere I look, everyone seems to say - oh! the 2017 Outline for Sharing Time is now out (not that it is new - it is a repeat of 2012) and sites would have a link and NONE OF THEM WOULD WORK!!!!! So after nearly 30 minutes of looking for this thing, I finally found it on the Instructions for Curriculum page on
Here we go 2017!
2017 outline for Sharing Time can be found HERE.  But again, it is an exact replica of 2012, so if you have that outline handy, you are good to go. I just was very determined to make sure that it WAS the same, and it is (the only difference being in the pdf, there is no year listed on the front cover).

Here are the Songs

2017 Choose the Right

January - As a Child of God Outline
February - Choose the Right Hymns 239
March - Stand For the Right 159
April - Song of your choice (Jesus Christ teaches me to choose the Right)
May - When I am Baptized 103
June - Nephi’s Courage 120

July - The Wise Man and the Foolish Man 281
(or song of choice)

August - I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus 78

I'll expound on this later as we are about to be late for guitar lessons.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Block Posters - my new favorite web site - and the temple game from the OCD primary chorister

So I don't know if you have seen it, but the OCD Primary Chorister made this fabulous game board. However, it seems as if I am not the only one that was having problems with the pdf she attached that you could print and cut and paste to a posterboard. For me, when I looked at the pdf, the bottom right hand corner was completely missing. I wanted to be lazy and just ask her if she could post a normal sized game board as a pdf (and then tile that pdf as I have chronicled in a previous post) rather than the jpeg she posted, but instead, I followed her advice and went to I had a jpeg or a png (I can't remember which one I saved it as) and I downloaded it to the site and I was able to print my poster! It has a logo in the bottom right hand corner, but I will totally take it! The logo doesn't get in the way of the artwork and I think that I am in love with this new site! I don't know if it's one of those things where you can only make so many prints and THEN they want you to pay for the service, but it worked for now, which is awesome.

And since I was able to get a pdf of the game in its enlarged state, I now have it on my computer. I won't post a link, since it is not my work, but if you would like a copy of my pdf, email me at :
houseofhenckel7 (at) gmail (dot) com.

In preparation for this game, I counted the types of spaces in the game board
Text Bubbles: 16 (which, when landed on, you read a line of text from a song and omit one word and have the child guess the word)
Question Marks: 14 (which, when landed on, you ask a question that can be answered by the songs)
Notes: 14 (which, when landed on, the primary sings a line of a song)
Stars: 7

The OCD Primary chorister provided an example for the text bubble and the question marks, but I have compiled a list for each category

Text Bubbles
1. Kings shall _________ him and nations revere.(Hymns 29)
2. Fair is the ____________, fairer the moonlight (62)
3. Beautiful Savior! Lord of the Nations! Son of God and Son of __________! (62)
4. I ________ the living prophet speak (outline)
5. He _________ me in times of need, he testifies of Christ. (outline)
6. Hail to the prophet, ____________ to Heaven (Hymns 29)
7. My life is a gift, my life has a __________ (164)
8. Holding fast to his word and his ___________(164)
9. Our prophet has some ____________ for you (159)
10. At __________ or at play, in darkness or light (159)
11. I feel the spirit start to grow within my heart, a ____________ that they're true. (109)
12. I'll come to understand, I'll _______ the Lord's command (109)
13. Search, ___________ and pray (109)
14.I love to see the temple, I'm going there some day to _______ the Holy Spirit (95)
15. For the temple is a holy place where we are _____ together. (95)
16. For the temple is a house of _______ , a place of love and beauty (95)

Question Marks (I did NOT come up with 14 questions - I just hope 7 will be enough)

What do you do in the temple?
        Feel the holy spirit, listen, pray, covenant with my father, promise to obey, get sealed together

How do you know the scripture are true?
       Through the holy spirit

When should we do what the prophet asks us to do?
       At work or at aplay, in darkness or light

Who anointed Joseph Smith

Who has a plan for us?
       Heavenly Father (God)

What are some other names for Jesus?
       Beautiful Savior, Lord of the Nations, Son of God, Son of Man

What are some of the things the Holy Spirit does for us?
       He teaches truth and right, he comforts, he testifies of Christ, he fills my soul with peace

Musical Notes
1. Traitors and tyrants now fight him in vain (Hymns 29)
2. Praise to the Man who communed with Jehovah. Jesus anointed that prophet and Seer (Hymns 29)
3. Robed in the flowers of blooming spring. Jesus is fairer, Jesus is purer (62)
4. Thee will I honor, praise and give glory (62)
5. If I had been a little child when Jesus lived on Earth (outline)
6. He speaks to me in quiet ways that fill my soul with peace. (outline)
7. My life has a purpose; in heaven it began (164)
8. I will work and I will pray. I will always walk in his way (164)
9. And These are the words, be true, be true (159)
10. Be true, be true and stand for the right (159)
11. The spirit will guide, and deep inside, I'll know the scriptures are true (109)
12.  So prayerfully I'll read the scriptures, each day my whole life through (109)
13. I'll covenant with my father, I'll promise to obey (95)
14. As a child of God, I've learned this truth, a family is forever (95)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Search Ponder and Pray from Facebook

Thank you to Cami B, who posted this on Facebook!
I've finally decided on a song to teach for April. I had gone back and forth between Beautiful Savior and I Lived In Heaven, but today I felt inspired to use Search, Ponder, and Pray. I looked through some files on here and I saw the words SPP stacked almost like a traffic light. I had an "Aha!" moment! I drew an amateur stop sign with the letters S, P and P in each light. I'm going to relate it like this; If you ever have a problem, or if you need some guidance or if you just need some inspiring words, STOP what you're doing and search the scriptures. After you've read, SLOW down and Ponder what you have read. Then, GO Pray about what you have read and Pondered.
As far as teaching the actual song, I have some ideas with hand motions, but it would be really cool to come up with some type of game to match the stop sign. 

I can't copy her pic, so here is mine
And the plan is to hum when the chopstick is pointed at red, whisper when the chopstick is pointed at yellow and sing when the chopstick is pointed at green

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Intro for Praise to the Man

Someone posted on the facebook group, that the Friend published a cute little graphic on Praise to the Man in 2011. HERE is the link for that.
But, if you are like me, you might want something bigger than an 8 1/2 by 11 1/2.

That is where tiling a Pdf comes in. Except adobe has changed, and it appears that there is no longer a convenient little "tile" button.

But FEAR NOT! It is still doable. And I will tell you how.
When you go to print, click on the "poster" button. Then, you will have to adjust the tile scale - I used 300%. (*USE 250% , 300% DOES NOT FIT A STANDARD POSTER BOARD*) At this point DO NOT click "return" or else it will print. Instead, click on the "cut marks" box, and you will have a lovely 12 - 15 page layout - WHICH, will work, HOWEVER, if you unclick the "cut marks" box, the print format will readjust into a lovely 9 page format that you see below (and then you won't have to cut out as much white space as I will, since I realized that you need to unclick the "cut marks" box just a little too late)
I also plan to print the picture that has Joseph Smith standing like this, which you can find HERE, 
just in case the little ones have a hard time getting it .

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stand for the Right in C Major

As, I have stated in earlier posts, it is relatively easy to go to, find your song and then transpose the key (in this case to have a song with no or little accidentals so that it can be played with an 8 bell set){I have also done this for "Once There Was a Snowman to play with my 8 bell set}. Then transposes it, (it almost doesn't look different other than the notes being different) and you hit print.
However, as Camille at Camille's Primary Ideas pointed out, The Friend published a simplified version of "Stand for the Right" which is also in C Major
(and it's cuter than my screenshot of the transposed song from!) (And since it is a full size pdf, it prints in a larger font than when you transpose)

And to go along with Camille's plan for Stand for the Right with ringing the bells on the "be true" part, I made a bell chart:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stand for the Right Boxes

I am planning to do the Stand for the Right Boxes. I looked and looked and looked for a blog post on it, but came up with nothing. So I went to the best time sucker on the internet - The LDS Chorister's facebook page. I typed in  "Stand for the Right boxes" and it took a bit of scrolling, but finally came across Melanie M. B.'s post.(dated March 2) She submitted a file titled: "Stand for the Right Building Blocks" (that you might be able to find under the files tab.)

Took me forever to find that.

But before I delve into wrapping 12 boxes, I will use Camille's Stand for the Right lesson plan with the bells. I have the song transposed into C major (you can do so using the tabs at the top of the song in and then hit the print button. (Right next to the tempo button). I only have an 8 bell set, so I needed to transpose so that I could use my bells. I will have to make a new bell chart since it no longer matches Camille's chart (of course, NONE of her charts match my bells, because my notes are different colors than hers)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Next Year for Easter

Because it is the eleventh hour and I already have something planned, I am posting this for next year. I found it on the Facebook Chorister's page.
 This is the text from Natalie P.
"I'm so excited for tomorrow! I did this same activity a few years ago and the kids loved it. I got this picture from Google, but you can draw pictures on boiled eggs with white crayons and then dye the eggs to see the pictures. I'm going to draw some simple pictures on eggs that relate to a song and then have little containers of Easter egg dye. We will dye the eggs to see which song we are going to sing. (I know this sounds scary, but with the right preparation and control, it works really well.) The kitchen in our church building has some rolling carts with trays on them. I went in ahead of time and got the containers set up with the vinegar in them. During opening exercises (when the halls were mostly clear), I wheeled the cart to the Primary room and put the dye tablets in. I had a separate little basket of Easter eggs ready for both Junior and Senior Primary. I would call a child up and they would choose an egg and tell me which color to dye it. I put the egg in the dye myself so the kids wouldn't risk spilling or getting it on their clothes. On the chalkboard, I had different pictures of Jesus along with the name of the song and the picture that was on the Easter egg. We would match the picture on the egg with the picture on the chalkboard to see which song to sing.

The songs/pictures we are using are:
To Think About Jesus: Draw a little cross
(on a hill!)
Beautiful Savior: A sun
Did Jesus Really Live Again: The number "3"
Picture an Easter : Easter egg
Gethsemane: Heart
The Miracle: The word "Me"
" (we have never sang these last three songs, so next year, I hope to have a list of different songs)

Thank you Facebook!