Saturday, September 2, 2017

Back to School Review


For the first time in YEARS we are NOT having our primary program in September.

Kind of bummed about that.

Because I still have several weeks of planning that I actually have to prepare for and not do the fun, yearly activities that I just pull from the stash.

However, this is a tried and true review method (completely snagged from someone else, btw ---- Thank you, Camille!!!!!!) and all I did was change the songs from my 2015 list. Super easy (especially considering that it is 11 PM on Saturday Night)

HERE is my list for 2017 Back to School Review

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I Want to Live the Gospel mini book

Yes, I'm alive.

Yes, I'm STILL my ward's primary music leader. (which IS an awesome thing! I can also finally say WARD --- we just became one a few months ago [it is actually quite a big deal - there were some very excited people that day!!!!!])

No, I don't have a good excuse for 11 months of silence other than......... life.

However, I just spent A LOT OF TIME on my activity for tomorrow, so I thought I would spend a little bit more time so that I could share it.

Back in September 2016, I decided that I would use I Want to Live the Gospel page 148 as my July Song. (And The Primary Pad has also picked the same song and had a great activity to introduce it!)

I introduced it with a 4 corners game using the flip chart by Sister Carrie D. that is on sugardoodle HERE.
(It did last for two weeks, as the kids ASKED to play it again, but I kind of felt like it was more chaos than learning, but I guess I just have to roll with it.)

After I found the flip chart, I realized that it would be perfect to use as a mini book. I was introduced to the mini book idea from Primary Singing Time Ideas in 2016 when I used the mini book for "If I Listen to My Heart" (one of the children STILL has hers!!!!!!!!)

Now since both the flip chart AND the mini book were both pdfs, I had to start from scratch. I couldn't find the exact images used in the flip chart, but the images that I did use were found from and the primary symbols section of the Media Library found HERE.

Primary Singing Time Ideas has a tutorial on how to fold the books HERE. It is slightly tricky, and if I recall correctly, I think I just made the books for the junior primary and let the senior kids try to muddle through it (and there was a bit of muddling - I think I used all of my extra copies because more than one child cut it incorrectly). It is worth it, though (as I previously stated - ONE OF MY KIDS STILL HAS HERS!!!!!)

So HERE is the mini-book. Comment below if it doesn't work for you and I can send you my file via email.