Friday, December 19, 2014

What's Up, Mac?

Well, please let me admit that I am just about computer illiterate.  I can cut copy paste and play minesweeper, but that is just about it. So when I got a comment from a Mac user saying that she was unable to open my file, I thought:


Yep, that was all I thought.

I really have no idea how to upload a Mac Downloadable file. So I did the next best thing thing I could think of:

Copy and paste all of the information directly to the body of this post.

I may try to post a pdf of it soon (I really have no clue if google docs will accept a pdf file or if I have to go back and upload on scribd), but for right now, copy and pasting is all my lazy self has attempted (and it's not even complete - hopefully I will update the last four months soon).

Theme: “We Believe in God the Eternal Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ”
Scripture: Articles of Faith 1:1
Song of Month: I Know That My Savior Loves Me (Outline)
Birthday Song: Feliz Cumpleanos verse 1 p. 282
Welcome Song:  Hello Friends! p. 254


January 4th:

God is the Father of my Spirit

Opening Song:   I am a Child of God p. 2


January 11th:

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

Opening Song: This is my Beloved Son p. 76



January 19th:
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me.
Opening song:   I feel My Savior’s Love p. 74

January 26th
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Love Me.
Opening Song: I’m Trying to be like Jesus p. 78



Theme: “Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer”
Scripture: John 3:16
Song of Month: He Sent His Son C.S. p. 34
Birthday Song: Feliz Cumpleanos verse 2 p. 282
Welcome Song:  Hello Song p. 260

February 1st
Jesus Christ is My Savior and Redeemer
Opening Song: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57

February 8th
Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind may be saved.
Opening: He Died that we May Live Again p. 65

February 15th
Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all mankind may be saved.
Opening song: Did Jesus Really Live Again p.64

February 22nd


Jesus Christ was resurrected and I will be, too.

Opening song: On A Golden Springtime p.88   


Theme: “God Speaks Through Prophets”
Scripture: Luke 1:70
Song of Month: Follow the Prophet C.S. p. 110
Birthday Song: Your Happy Birthday p. 283
Welcome Song:  Our Door is Always Open P. 254

March 1st
Prophets are called by God.
Opening Song: Build an Ark September 2010 Friend

March 8th
Prophets testify of Jesus Christ.
Opening Song: Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus p. 36

March 15th

There is safety in following the prophet.

Opening Song: Keep the Commandments p. 146

March 22nd
God Speaks through Prophets
Opening Song: Latter Day Prophets p. 134

March 29th
Opening Song: To think about Jesus p. 71

Theme: “Jesus Christ Restored the Fulness of the Gospel Through Joseph Smith”
Scripture: Articles of Faith 1:6
Song of Month: The Church of Jesus Christ C.S. p. 77
Birthday Song: Happy, Happy Birthday p.284
Welcome Song:  Here We Are Together p.261

April 5th


April 12th
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith
Opening Song: The Sacred Grove 87

April 19th
Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God
Opening Song: The Golden Plates 86

April 26th
Jesus Christ restored the Gospel Through Joseph Smith
Opening Song: This is My Beloved Son p. 76


Theme: “Principles and Ordinances of the gospel lead me to Jesus Christ”
Scripture: Articles of Faith 1:4
Song of Month: Fourth Article of Faith C.S.p.124
Birthday Song: Have a Very Happy Birthday (1st verse) p. 284
Welcome Song:  Come with Me to Primary p. 255


May 3rd

My Faith In Jesus Christ is Strengthened when I obey.

Opening Song: Faith p.96

May 10th Mother’s Day!
I can repent.
Opening Song: Mother, Tell Me the Story p.204-205

May 17th
When I am baptized I covenant with God.
Opening Song: When I am Baptized p. 103

May 24th
When I am Confirmed I receive the gift of the Holy Ghost
Opening song: The Holly ghost p.105

May 31th
Opening Song: The Fourth Article of Faith p.124


Theme: “The Holy Ghost Testifies of the Truth of all Things”
Scripture: Moroni 10:5
Song of Month: The Holy Ghost – C.S. p.105
Birthday Song: Have a Very Happy Birthday (2nd verse) p. 284
Welcome Song:  Our Primary Colors p.258

June 7th
The Holy Ghost is the Third member of the Godhead.
Opening Song: The First Article of Faith p. 122

June 14th
The Holy Ghost speaks in a still small voice.
Opening Song: The Still Small Voice p. 106

June 21st Father’s Day!
The Holy Ghost Can Guide and protect us.
Opening Song: Listen, Listen p. 107

June 28th Independence Day!
By the Power of the Holy Ghost we may know the Truth of all things.
Opening Song: Search Ponder and Pray p. 109


Theme: “I Can Follow Jesus Christ’s Example”
Scripture: Luke 18:22
Song of Month: Come Follow Me - Hymns p.116
Birthday Song: Have a Very Happy Birthday (3rd verse) p. 284
Welcome Song:  We Welcome You p. 256-257

July 5th
Jesus Christ Always Obeyed Heavenly Father.
Opening Song: Baptism vs. 2 p. 100
July 12th 
Jesus Christ Went about doing good.
Opening Song: Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61

July 19th
Jesus Christ’s example teaches me how to live.
Opening Song: I Feel My Savior’s Love p. 74

July 26th
Jesus Christ’s example teaches me how to live.
Opening Song: I’m Trying to be Like Jesus p. 78

Theme: “Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He is a God of Miracles”
Scripture: 2Nephi 27:23
Song of Month: In His Holy Name - Friend February 1996
Birthday Song: Your Happy Birthday p. 283
Welcome Song:  Hello Song p. 260

August 2nd
Jesus Christ is a God of Miracles
Opening Song: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus p. 57

August 9th
Jesus Christ can Heal the Sick
Opening Song: When He Comes Again p. 82

August 16th
Jesus Christ Has Power over death.
Opening Song: He Sent His Son p. 34

August 23rd
Miracles Come to those who have faith
Opening Song: I Pray in Faith p. 14

August 30th
Opening Song: Oh What do You Do in the Summertime? P. 245

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Sing A Story

Where, oh, WHERE?!!!! would I be without Camille's Primary Ideas Blog? (Scary thought - let's stop talking about it now)

Because she posted an awesome Thanksgiving Sing a Story. And I made one for Christmas.
Years ago.
So I just pull it out and am able to be quite lazy when that week rolls around.
YAY for re-using!

You can find it on Google Docs HERE.
Happy Christmas!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Ideas

I am completely ready for Thanksgiving thanks to Camille's Primary Ideas - with the Turkey Toss and Thanksgiving Sing a Story, I've been set for years now. But just in case I continue to have this calling and I would like to switch things up, here are some Thanksgiving ideas for the future.

I have recently discovered the Barefoot Chorister. It's SO EXCITING for me when I find a new chorister web site! There is a post on Thanksgiving Ideas which towards the end has a fantastic Roll the Turkey game. In the same post she linked to another blog that has several games that can be adapted for Singing Time. There's a Turkey Turkey, Who's got the Turkey game, a Turkey Bowling game and lots of other cute Thanksgiving posts that someone might be able to adapt for singing time. And November of next year, like this year, has 5 Sundays, so some of those cute games might come in handy.

Would You Like a Yearly Planner for 2015?

Here we go! 2015 come on down! Because I'm ready for you!

Here is my planner for the year. I have all the Birthday Songs, Welcome Songs, and Opening Songs listed. Each month I have a Birthday Song and Welcome Song that I use for the whole month.

Each Sunday has a different opening song. I tried to match the opening song to the weekly theme. Towards the end of the year, I started just picking random songs because all of the weekly themes seemed geared towards the Savior (as it should be) and I felt like I had exhausted all my options on Savior themed songs.

I have several activities plugged in that I typically use every year (Valentine's, St. Patrick's, etc.). Most of the weeks in the fall I just repeat year after year. Because I can. Fall and Christmas time are my favorite times of the year because I just pull from the stash and really don't have to do much creating at all. This coming year, I will have to make the hinges skeleton that I found from Camille's primary ideas just a few days too late for Halloween this year.

Hopefully, the google docs link works (it is new - I haven't been on it in so long and they changed things up on me). It is a word document and should be editable.

This is the original work of Sunbeam Singing. I downloaded her 2013 planner and have just been adjusting it ever since. When I got a new version of word, the images disappeared, so I just plugged new images for each month (because I am clipart happy like that).

Enjoy! Let me know if it doesn't work. Thanks!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Next Year's Fourth of July Activity

Which will still be in June - but what can you do? However, it will NOT be a fifth Sunday. Hate that I found it AFTER this year's Fourth of July Activity, but next year will be new and fresh.
THANK YOU Primary Notes 29!
Her post is as follows:

The planes are named words from the song we sang (My Country, verse 2).
Naming the planes was helpful for when we "kept score".

Put landing strip on the ground and...

Idea #1:
  1. Choose child to throw the plane on the landing strip.
  2. Whatever # area the plane lands in, sing that way (MARCHING, SALUTE, HAND ON HEART...)
  3. Repeat

Idea #2:
  1. Choose three older children to be the "score keepers"
  2. Write the names of the planes on the board
  3. Sing
  4. Choose a child to throw the first plane
  5. Give that plane it's points (if it didn't land on the runway we gave it 5 points)
  6. Repeat for the next plane. And so on.
landing strip
paper airplanes
optional traffic controller sticks

Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth Week in July

For July, surprise, surprise - I am completely plagiarizing someone and copying Camille from Camille's Primary Ideas and will do her Baptism shirt idea. But that just takes 3 of the 4 weeks in July. But I found this rocking idea from Precious Primary!:

I can't wait to try it! I may stop at just learning the verses as written in the songbook, but I adore her additional verses! So creative! And original! (This is why I copy others!)

Directly from Precious Primary (photos from that site as well)
Summer vacations are well under way and our Primary attendance shows it.  Instead of learning a new song for the program, I like to do fun activities during the summer.  For the last 2 weeks, we have sung "Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?" (CS-245).

Last week we sang through the 3 verses using props.  Many of the Jr. Primary kids didn't know this song and it was fun to see them pick it up quickly.  We sang through each verse 2 times, using different kids to hold the props each time.  For the last run through, we wanted to sing all 3 verses without stopping.  I handed out the various props to the kids with instructions to come up front when their verse comes around.  When we started singing the end "Is that what you do?  So do I", the current verse prop kids went back to their seats and the next verse prop kids came to the front.  By the time we were singing the end of the beginning "when all the world is green", they were in the correct order and we sang away!  They did great!

Verse 1 props:  Fishing pole, Pillow, Cloud
You may need to clarify the definition of "bank".  None of the Jr. Primary kids knew what that phrase meant as they thought it had to do with Savings accounts and such. Kind of funny:)

Verse 2 props:  Swim goggles, Hand fan, Artificial greenery with a swing hanging from a "branch".  Artistry done by courtesy of my 11 year old, Olivia and attached to the swing with poster putty.  The swing is made from craft foam and hemp string.  
The primary kids LOVED this prop.

Verse 3 props:  Flag, Lemonade bottle, Star sticks
What parade doesn't have flags?  I had just emptied 2 huge lemon juice containers the day before.  So I pulled one out of recycling.  Then I took 2 patriotic straws, taped them together for the length I needed and stuck it in the bottle.  Kids loved this prop, too.  They were instructed to NOT put their mouths on the straw.  EW! 

Back to me - I LOVE this song. I know very few LDS people my age who do not. However, I feel it is a song that has just fallen off the radar and I doubt my children would even recognize it if I sung it to them. I cannot wait to teach it! Thank you Precious Primary!

Lego Derby for 5th sunday in August

So, August ALSO has five Sundays in it. This past fifth Sunday I did a simplified version of the 4th of July poppers (without the cardboard tubes) and somehow it didn't seem as fun, but it occupied the whole time, so I guess I can't complain.

While I wouldn't call last Sunday an EPIC FAIL, it did make me think that I would have to work extra hard to come up with something awesome for the ridiculously soon next fifth Sunday.

I hope I have found it - although it will require some buying of lego wheels for me.

Here it is - completely plagiarized from Hum Your Favorite Hymn

My son was a new Cub Scout so I had Pinewood Derby on the brain -- I decided to do a LEGO Pinewood Derby! I made a very very simple cardboard ramp (and in the Primary room, I just propped it up against a chair at the back of the room).

For both Junior and Senior it was the same.
I put together bags of LEGOs beforehand, one per class. The same exact number and type of LEGOs. Also beforehand, we made 5 basic LEGO cars (Junior and Senior each have 5 classes) -- wheels and a base for them to build on.

I also prepared papers that listed their song choices.

So we began by singing one song together.
Then I handed out the bags of LEGOs to each class, and one of the cars, and told them they had a couple of minutes to work together to add the LEGO pieces to their car.
We then chose two classes to go first -- they raced their cars, and the winner got to pick the next song from my list of songs.
Then another class raced the winner of that race.
And so on until everyone raced.
It was kind of rowdy but fun!