Monday, November 18, 2013

2014 blank calendar

(I think I picked this pic because of the mountains: there are none that look like that where I live)
I have finally FINALLY finished the bones for my 2014 calendar! I used Sunbeam Singing's monthly planner that I downloaded last year. I adjusted some things for my own use. Such as the upper box is completely different than hers as I pick a birthday song and welcome song for the whole month, rather than switch it up each week.

So, again, I can take no credit for the beautiful arrangement of the calendar. But, I am sure you'll find plenty of mistakes, so those are mine and I apologize. Fonts, font sizes and formatting glitches are all over the place. Again, apologies.

Here is the link:

Have fun planning this FABULOUS program this year! I may download my "not so blank" version with my song choices (oh! the song choices! have you picked your May and June songs? - It made me cry - but I guess that is a good thing) and possibly opening songs.

And I have noticed lots of problems already, but I do think it is editable, so hopefully you can fix at least some of them

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