Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Would you like a yearly planner?

One with Opening, Scripture and Birthday songs all picked out?

I don't have any activities (except for recurring yearly ones - you know - from last year) listed, but all of the opening songs have been selected based on the weekly theme.  I also included the songs I picked for May and June.

I went on the chorister's facebook group (on the facebook page, if you're a member, there is a tab labeled "files" right beneath the group title) and someone posted a doc of the suggestions for May and June songs.

I picked these
May: Build an Ark from Sept 2010 friend (never heard it before - but KNEW as soon as I heard the kids when they started singing [I listened to it on the lds.com music site] that THIS was the song!)

June: The Hearts of the Children p. 92 (It's right next to 'The Truth from Elijah' and I often get those confused, but this one is also THE ONE)

So there you have it. It's editable, so feel free to adapt to your own needs. And happy singing!

2014 Planner with opening, scripture, birthday and welcome songs

*Edit* I can't seem to get the planner with opening, birthday and welcome songs to open, but the bare bones planner IS working, so here's the link:


  1. I can't get your document to open, any tips?

    1. I have posted the completely blank planner and will continue to work on getting the planner with the birthday, welcome and opening songs back up. Thanks for letting me know