Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Ideas

I am completely ready for Thanksgiving thanks to Camille's Primary Ideas - with the Turkey Toss and Thanksgiving Sing a Story, I've been set for years now. But just in case I continue to have this calling and I would like to switch things up, here are some Thanksgiving ideas for the future.

I have recently discovered the Barefoot Chorister. It's SO EXCITING for me when I find a new chorister web site! There is a post on Thanksgiving Ideas which towards the end has a fantastic Roll the Turkey game. In the same post she linked to another blog that has several games that can be adapted for Singing Time. There's a Turkey Turkey, Who's got the Turkey game, a Turkey Bowling game and lots of other cute Thanksgiving posts that someone might be able to adapt for singing time. And November of next year, like this year, has 5 Sundays, so some of those cute games might come in handy.

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