Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Heavenly Father Loves Me Third week presentation

For my third week of February, I will be using the OCD Primary Chorister's FABULOUS visuals. I have obtained her permission and made a pdf of the document I plan on printing. I'm going to laminate her absolutely gorgeous pictures, tape the question for each pic to the back, then cover with the hearts. I put them on a separate page so that one can print multiple copies of that page to make all the hearts (I will also be using the very same hearts for the "Name that Primary Song about love activity - yay for multiple uses!!!) I got the hearts via google from bestclipartblog.com.(didn't get permission from here because 1. I am lazy 2. Couldn't get actual site to load, just copied straight from google image search results) 
All the pictures will be placed heart side out, child will pick, remove heart, answer question, then place back on board picture side up. I may mix them up and make child pick correct placement for senior primary.

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