Monday, April 29, 2013

My Mother Dear

To bring confusion to primary song leaders everywhere, the song book has several mother's day songs. Out of those several two are named:

My Mother Dear
Mother Dear.

(confusing enough that there is a flip chart for "My Mother Dear" on the "Mother Dear" song helps page on sugardoodle)

Confused? I was. Mother Dear 206 is the more familiar one (in my opinion) : Mother Dear I love you so, your happy smiling face -  you know, the one you want to bob your head back and forth to the beat when you hear it -----

So of course, I will go for the lesser known one - because that is just how I roll
I found this awesome coloring page on sugardoodle. I am not sure if I want to let them take it home (thus, alerting moms not serving in primary which song we're doing - but maybe they are all like me and don't even take a second glance at what comes home - yep, sorry - please try not to judge - all coloring pages usually end up crumpled in my church bag for a few weeks and then tossed), but I probably will forget and they'll take it home anyway.
Also found some great flip charts, but I think I like this one the most and I am really trying to come up with a new way to use it

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