Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just found my Fourth of July Activity

Our Fifth Sunday of June just so happens to be the last Sunday before our blessed Independence day. I was kind of stressing this earlier - because I take the whole Sunday on Fifth Sundays and wasn't sure I wanted to dedicate an entire extended sharing/singing time to the Fourth of July.
Well, the pres would like to switch next week and the fifth Sunday since believe it or not, the President, the first counselor, the second counselor and the sub for the first counselor (it's her month) will all be gone this coming Sunday.
So I get the regular amount of time on the Fifth Sunday! It works out so great.
And here is the awesome activity I just found (because - fortunately for me - I do not have a balloon phobia) from Primary Notes 29
{I think the original post is here from Sing With Me}
(Picture from Sing With Me)

I cannot even express how excited my kids are going to be to provide me with several used push pop sticks.

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