Saturday, July 5, 2014

Next Year's Fourth of July Activity

Which will still be in June - but what can you do? However, it will NOT be a fifth Sunday. Hate that I found it AFTER this year's Fourth of July Activity, but next year will be new and fresh.
THANK YOU Primary Notes 29!
Her post is as follows:

The planes are named words from the song we sang (My Country, verse 2).
Naming the planes was helpful for when we "kept score".

Put landing strip on the ground and...

Idea #1:
  1. Choose child to throw the plane on the landing strip.
  2. Whatever # area the plane lands in, sing that way (MARCHING, SALUTE, HAND ON HEART...)
  3. Repeat

Idea #2:
  1. Choose three older children to be the "score keepers"
  2. Write the names of the planes on the board
  3. Sing
  4. Choose a child to throw the first plane
  5. Give that plane it's points (if it didn't land on the runway we gave it 5 points)
  6. Repeat for the next plane. And so on.
landing strip
paper airplanes
optional traffic controller sticks

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