Sunday, February 22, 2015

Follow the prophet cards expanded

So ------- let's talk about how computer illiterate I really am.

It is actually quite bad.

And a bit embarrassing.

But I really know absolutely nothing.

All I wanted to do was tile an image. And that isn't too terribly have a pdf. (Because if you have a pdf, all you do is go to print then in that neat little box you select the poster button and from there you enter a number into tile scale (200 gets you 6 blocks [or pages in this case]) and then you hit print and your printer (if it has enough ink) really does the rest. You do have to cut off the margins, but really it is an AWESOME tool)

But I didn't have a pdf. I had a jpg.

And how do you convert a jpg to a pdf? I still don't know. At least without spending money for some converter program (and even the "trial version" will convert an image that has an annoying "sample" watermark or even more annoying ad like box describing how it is created from a trial version.)

So I used my non-existent knowledge (or at the very least vastly inferior knowledge) of windows photo viewer and paint to kind of in an archaic and caveman like way blow up this very awesome jpg:
found from the March 2010 HERE (you need to keep scrolling - it is the 2nd picture in the article)
I saved the file from Then I double clicked it which opened it in Windows photo viewer. Once in Windows Photo Viewer, I clicked the open tab. From the drop down menu, I clicked open in paint (I bet there is a way to bypass this step, but please bear with my ignorance.)
Once it was open in Paint, I clicked the select tool.  I used it to highlight just one of the cards. I then clicked the crop button. Then I clicked resize. In my version of Paint, when you click resize, the default selection is percentage. I found that if I highlighted one of the boxes where 100 was and changed it to 300, it would produce just about the right size.

From there, I inserted each cropped and enlarged image into word, so I have a page for each "card".

Now that I have 9 standard page size images, next week I will use Primary Note 29's spin the chair idea for review.

I haven't printed this yet, and I may find some of these images in my sunbeam picture packet and just print the words and slap them on the picture to save ink (of course some of these images - like that fantastic Jonah one that defies description - are not in my sunbeam picture packet)

HERE is my document of each of the pictures in the above jpg on individual pages.

Please excuse my incompetence in this computer stuff.

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  1. is an excellent document converter for free. I use it a lot because they can convert from anything to anything. There are no watermarks. I like your cards. 😀