Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fourth Article of Faith Melody Map

So, these Melody Maps are HARD to make. But I like them. I think they help me. But I am not sure if I am the only one that they help. However, I decided to make one for my May song anyway.

For May, I just felt that The Fourth Article of Faith was the best choice. However, if you have ever sung this song (or any of these odd Article of Faith songs), you will most likely agree that the timing is WEIRD. So for that reason, I decided that a melody map would be essential.

And because of the funky timing, I decided to color code the types of notes (e.g. quarter notes are green, half notes are purple, etc) I did also put on the side of the paper a key to guide me where to place the different notes (you will notice that b and c, for example are closer to each other than c or d, and that is because I tried to space the notes as they are spaced on the piano [b natural and c natural are only a half note apart whereas c natural and d natural are a full note apart] - now I may have gotten this incorrect, so please accept my apologies and please please please correct me (as I will probably never know better enough to correct myself)). 

A very nice thing about this particular song is that it is in the key of C major (I think) and there are no accidentals included in the song. Which makes it easier to map.

HERE is my melody map for the fourth article of Faith. Enjoy!

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