Monday, April 11, 2016

Stand for the Right in C Major

As, I have stated in earlier posts, it is relatively easy to go to, find your song and then transpose the key (in this case to have a song with no or little accidentals so that it can be played with an 8 bell set){I have also done this for "Once There Was a Snowman to play with my 8 bell set}. Then transposes it, (it almost doesn't look different other than the notes being different) and you hit print.
However, as Camille at Camille's Primary Ideas pointed out, The Friend published a simplified version of "Stand for the Right" which is also in C Major
(and it's cuter than my screenshot of the transposed song from!) (And since it is a full size pdf, it prints in a larger font than when you transpose)

And to go along with Camille's plan for Stand for the Right with ringing the bells on the "be true" part, I made a bell chart:

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