Thursday, April 7, 2016

Stand for the Right Boxes

I am planning to do the Stand for the Right Boxes. I looked and looked and looked for a blog post on it, but came up with nothing. So I went to the best time sucker on the internet - The LDS Chorister's facebook page. I typed in  "Stand for the Right boxes" and it took a bit of scrolling, but finally came across Melanie M. B.'s post.(dated March 2) She submitted a file titled: "Stand for the Right Building Blocks" (that you might be able to find under the files tab.)

Took me forever to find that.

But before I delve into wrapping 12 boxes, I will use Camille's Stand for the Right lesson plan with the bells. I have the song transposed into C major (you can do so using the tabs at the top of the song in and then hit the print button. (Right next to the tempo button). I only have an 8 bell set, so I needed to transpose so that I could use my bells. I will have to make a new bell chart since it no longer matches Camille's chart (of course, NONE of her charts match my bells, because my notes are different colors than hers)

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