Saturday, March 26, 2016

Next Year for Easter

Because it is the eleventh hour and I already have something planned, I am posting this for next year. I found it on the Facebook Chorister's page.
 This is the text from Natalie P.
"I'm so excited for tomorrow! I did this same activity a few years ago and the kids loved it. I got this picture from Google, but you can draw pictures on boiled eggs with white crayons and then dye the eggs to see the pictures. I'm going to draw some simple pictures on eggs that relate to a song and then have little containers of Easter egg dye. We will dye the eggs to see which song we are going to sing. (I know this sounds scary, but with the right preparation and control, it works really well.) The kitchen in our church building has some rolling carts with trays on them. I went in ahead of time and got the containers set up with the vinegar in them. During opening exercises (when the halls were mostly clear), I wheeled the cart to the Primary room and put the dye tablets in. I had a separate little basket of Easter eggs ready for both Junior and Senior Primary. I would call a child up and they would choose an egg and tell me which color to dye it. I put the egg in the dye myself so the kids wouldn't risk spilling or getting it on their clothes. On the chalkboard, I had different pictures of Jesus along with the name of the song and the picture that was on the Easter egg. We would match the picture on the egg with the picture on the chalkboard to see which song to sing.

The songs/pictures we are using are:
To Think About Jesus: Draw a little cross
(on a hill!)
Beautiful Savior: A sun
Did Jesus Really Live Again: The number "3"
Picture an Easter : Easter egg
Gethsemane: Heart
The Miracle: The word "Me"
" (we have never sang these last three songs, so next year, I hope to have a list of different songs)

Thank you Facebook!

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