Saturday, March 26, 2016


This is last minute, as Easter is less than two hours in my time zone of the world, but here it is anyway.

As always, I often borrow, and Camille's primary ideas has FABULOUS ideas for Easter. Lots of them. She posted this idea in 2013, and as it required advanced planning, I had a great activity for the next year, if I actually got around to doing it and I surprised myself by actually doing it!
The Easter Footsteps is a page from the friend, that I had downloaded onto a thumb drive and someone took it to Costco and printed it in large poster form and it cost me about 9 dollars. Years later, I had it laminated (I was timid about laminating it since it had an almost photo quality about it, but it came through beautifully).

I can't remember if I used Camille's original 6 songs in '14, but for this year, since we learned In His Holy Name last year, I found a place to put in that song.

And except for Event #3, all this wording (as well as the picture) are all from Camille's Primary Ideas:

Event #1: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 79 (He taught how to be like Him)
Event #2: Hosanna p. 66 (this is how the people praised Christ).
Event #3: In His Holy Name (Jesus healed others)
Event #4: To Think About Jesus p. 71 (Jesus suffered for our sins in Gethsemane)
Event #5: He Died That We Might Live Again p. 65 (just as the title says - He died that we might live again!)
Event #6: Jesus Has Risen p. 70 (Christ was resurrected just like we will be one day)

Happy Easter!
 * I did have an old post about this, and I DID change the a few of the songs (but I didn't label it "Easter" so I didn't find it until after posting this.) That original post is here.
* UPDATE* We didn't know "He Died That We Might Live Again" p. 65 at ALL. Not me, not the kids, not the pianist, so we did "Did Jesus Really Live Again" p. 64 and the kids didn't really know that one either, but if I choose to do this again, I will make sure I have a poster or flip chart. In 2014, (in the original post that I did), I picked "I Will Follow God's Plan" pg. 164 for the first song, simply because we were singing it that year (and this year, too, consequently), but I may pick Camille's first song when I do it next. In my original plan , I picked "I Stand All Amazed" Hymns 193 for the last song, and that is what I sang this time, but if I do it again, I may pick "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" Hymns 200 simply because it is fun (but I would have to warn the pianist)

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