Sunday, July 26, 2015

First Week of "In His Holy Name"

If you haven't heard, I LOVE THIS SONG!! And I can't WAIT  to teach it. But, I'll be flying solo, so I'll have to make this all up on my own.
For my introduction, I will be using pictures from the library!!!!!! And it so helps that we are already learning about Jesus and they have already seen these pictures and have heard these stories. This curriculum is truly inspired! Half the work is already done (by someone else! So genius!)

HERE is where you can find the text of the song on

1. When Jesus lived upon the earth,
He showed His love for all mankind.
(at this point, you could show a picture of Jesus being born, but I am going to skip straight to his adult years starting with the picture of Him and Mary and Martha - you know, because it is cool)
                                                       (this image can be found HERE)
He blessed the faithful through His pow’r
and made them whole again.
for this, I chose the woman at the well picture which I will have to print unless I buy another gospel art picture book (my original disappeared into thin air) and I wanted a picture that seemed to fit the healing aspect of the verse a little bit more, but I really use all of those for the chorus

                                                          (this picture can be found HERE)
Chorus: Jesus cleansed the leper  
this picture was used in a sharing time and I had never seen it before. But it came from the library, so I am really excited to use it (especially since the first counselor already went over the story associated with it - see half the work done already!) However, I can't seem to find it on, so hopefully you can locate it in your library without a problem
                                             (hopefully this link will work: click HERE)
and helped the blind to see.
this classic was used in the same aforementioned sharing time
                                                  (this picture can be found HERE)

Jesus healed the sick in Galilee.
Yes, I am totally going to rip from google images and just print a cute map. Sorry. I know I have disappointed someone (I might actually head back to the library and see if I can pull up a map of Galilee from there, but that does require effort, so I may just click "print" instead)
                                        (this picture can be found HERE)
He laid His hands upon each head; Yes, yes, I know this is a picture of Him ordaining the apostles rather than blessing sick people, but I still think it totally works. However, I couldn't find it in the library today which means I'll have to print it - or rifle through the manual pictures (Isn't it super awesome how the site tells you ALL the places you can find each picture?! More genius!)
                                                     (this picture can be found HERE)
He blessed the deaf I found this picture on google image search and didn't know that it was LDS until I clicked the link. Do you remember those books that told of bible and book of Mormon stories that were illustrated and had captions for each picture (you know, obviously meant for children)? I think that this comes from those. The link takes you to a page with three pictures, but I like the first one best and will use that one. This one will definitely need to be printed
                                                        (you can find this picture HERE)

and raised the dead;The only thing I can say about this one is that it is my favorite picture of Jesus EVER
                                                        (this picture can be found HERE)
He blessed the lame to walk again in His holy name.

2. It comforts me that I’ll be blessed
as hands are laid upon my head I found this picture in the library and it obviously came from manual kit, but I could not find it on
                                                         (this picture can be found HERE
               (There is another picture of priesthood blessing the sick on found HERE)
by worthy men with heavn’ly pow’r
to make me whole again. For this, I wanted a distinct picture of the men giving the blessing, rather than just their hands. This could totally be represented by the
priesthood blessing the sick picture that I just mentioned which can be found in the Sunbeam manual picture packet, or a various number of other pictures, but I particularly liked this one (even though it is not linked to
                                                       (this picture can be found HERE)
And the best thing about this song is that it is one of those
"This is what Jesus Did
This is how it relates to me
songs!  I love it!!!

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  1. WOW!! Thank you!!! I went on to facebook thinking there wouldn't be much for this song because I (and the counsler over the program who chose this song) couldn't find anything months ago but still decided to teach it to them. I have had a crazy month and didn't have time to start teaching this until next sunday. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this! I am blessed because of your effort, talent and taking time to post!