Friday, August 7, 2015

In His Holy Name Melody Map


I think this took me about 4 hours. But it is so WORTH IT. Well, at least I think it is.

So, this time, I made a map with just the boxes of color (like I did for the Fourth Article of Faith) and THEN I put the words on the map in the appropriate boxes. Which I think looks really cool (because I used teeny tiny versions of the pictures that I used last week to replace the corresponding words).

HERE is my plain, wordless, picture-less melody map. (One verse, one chorus and 9a is the first verse chorus ending, 9b is the scond verse chorus ending and 10 is last part of the chorus that is tacked on the end {I don't know the technical term - please accept my apologies})

HERE is the first verse, with the chorus

HERE is the second verse, also with the chorus (even though I will probably only print up one chorus, but I just didn't feel like deleting it)

And FYI, I starred the Fermata in the chorus on the word "dead" (and included a picture of a fermata) basically so I would remember to talk about fermatas and what they are and how to deal with them {and I toyed with the idea of not including the picture, but as I stated earlier it is my FAVORITE and I could not do that}

And I just noticed some formatting problems when viewing the second verse document, but hopefully it will order itself out when you open it in non-protected view. Or at the very least, maybe you can edit the text boxes and stretch them out so that the words don't wrap around like they are doing right now.

I just don't think I can edit right now. My brain is fried - as well as dinner - it is a total fail and I sent my oldest out for pizza and bagged salad

**Last minute note: At least for my printer, both blue colored boxes (there is a light and a darker blue color) and the purple do not have enough contrast with the black words. I changed the words to yellow and they look much better**


  1. I had to go back to your previous post to see the words. I've never heard of it, but it's beautiful! And perfect for this month. Thanks for the tip. And I totally get it about sacrificing dinner. There's absolutely nothing wrong with pizza! :)

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