Saturday, August 29, 2015

How do you Roll on the 5th Sunday

Well, we are going to roll with ROLOS!
Yep, I am going to try the Rolos for Solos that has been filtering around the internet these days, but FIRST!!!!!! I am going to do the Back to School Review thanks to Camille's Primary Ideas

Because I do have the entire time on the Fifth Sunday:
This is how we'll roll

First we will do the Back to school review and you can find my list HERE (Completely forged from Camille with my songs replacing her pick your own songs and since I have opted [yet again] to not sign this year - I replaced the pencil idea with a highlighter idea).

This way, we sing through all the songs, so when I am ready to switch to the solos part - we have already gone over them. What I am going to do for the solos part is just ask the kids who would like to sing, that child gets to pick what they sing and I will have them sing a few lines or a verse (depending on the child) and then we as a primary will either finish the song or sing it again. I have starbursts as an alternative. And as I saw on the Facebook page, everyone gets a rolo at the end for being a good audience

HERE is my image-pilfered-from-google sign that I will post when we are done with the Back to School review

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