Sunday, August 16, 2015

"In His Holy Name" building mountains activity

I am posting this post-singing time, but there are a few weeks in August left, so I thought I would post anyway.

So on the Chorister's Facebook page, someone posted an idea about building the song from the bottom up (which you could basically do with any song, really), so I made some mountains!

I took a piece of posterboard folded it in half, drew a line from the top middle down to about an inch from the bottom to make my mountain. (And I could have gone to Hobby Lobby and bought the gray poster board, but I am super cheap and just used a gray crayon to color the mountain except for the snow capped "top").

I thought that working from the bottom up would be a good thing and for the verses it was okay, but when I tried that for the chorus, it was disastrous and I ended up erasing quite a lot
If you look closely, you can see how much I wrote and re-wrote beneath the the letters written in marker.

Then, I cut up the verses and for junior, we built from the bottom up and put the pieces on the board, and then attached a flag at the top.
For senior, I threw all the cut up pieces from both verses on the floor and had the kids arrange the words back into their proper place. Then we played guess the words of the piece that we just took away
Thank you Facebook!

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