Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Search Ponder and Pray from Facebook

Thank you to Cami B, who posted this on Facebook!
I've finally decided on a song to teach for April. I had gone back and forth between Beautiful Savior and I Lived In Heaven, but today I felt inspired to use Search, Ponder, and Pray. I looked through some files on here and I saw the words SPP stacked almost like a traffic light. I had an "Aha!" moment! I drew an amateur stop sign with the letters S, P and P in each light. I'm going to relate it like this; If you ever have a problem, or if you need some guidance or if you just need some inspiring words, STOP what you're doing and search the scriptures. After you've read, SLOW down and Ponder what you have read. Then, GO Pray about what you have read and Pondered.
As far as teaching the actual song, I have some ideas with hand motions, but it would be really cool to come up with some type of game to match the stop sign. 

I can't copy her pic, so here is mine
And the plan is to hum when the chopstick is pointed at red, whisper when the chopstick is pointed at yellow and sing when the chopstick is pointed at green

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