Sunday, May 26, 2013

Double the Dice cut and paste

This half hour's cut and paste (for I will post another one as soon as I am done with this one) is from Notes from a Novice Primary Music Leader: Double the Dice!! She writes:

For our review , I am doubling the dice.  I printed a set of cards with the names of program songs for the year and will attach them to one of my "Ways to Sing" dice.  We'll have the kids take turn rolling both a song and a way to sing.  Easy and definitely reuseable!

Now ------
I have found fabuloso graphics from Susan Fitch designs. They are beautiful but the format they are in is a little different - when you paste the image, the image is in the right hand side and to the left of it there is quite a bit of blank space. So when I enlarged all these images, it looks kind of weird - I had to rotate to get the image in the left hand top side - so the image might be upside down or sideways, but when you cut it out, that won't be a problem.
Remember - all graphics except for "Can a Little Child like Me" and "I Know My Father Lives" are all by Susan Fitch (mine are lame, but what can you do - I picked very rare choices)

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