Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Give said the Little Stream cut and paste

And today's cut and paste idea is from one of my very favorite bloggers in blogland: Sofia's Primary Ideas!This awesome rocking blog was one of the very first I came across after being called to be primary president. With preparing monthly sharing times behind me, alas, I do not frequent her blog as much -- but it is still an incredible resource. As seen here below:
I'm so excited for spring songs!!
1. Take some paper and whip out your black marker.
2. Draw a stream, a cloud with raindrops & find a picture of Jesus from The Friend to cut out.
3. Hot glue on popsicle sticks. Hot glue wiggly eyes onto your stream, cloud & raindrops. Let the children hold/wave while you sing!
Fun! And simple!
Idea and picture belong to Sofia's Primary Ideas! Thanks again for another fantastic idea!!!! Can't wait to teach this song - most likely in summer

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