Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hide the Magnet Cut and Paste

Primary Singing Time Magic has posed the question: ?What are your favorite "back pocket" ideas that you can just pull out of your bag and use when the situation arises?? *I am actually paraphrasing rather than quoting*
And I found this one that would be great for that {even though I didn't leave that in my comment}.

Again, from Notes from a Novice Primary Song Leader: Hide the Magnet

I have some of these that I got from Wal-Mart on clearance. The middle circles in them do have cute little designs, so at least they aren't as quite utilitarian looking. But what I really want is the ones below. [Especially since my brother totally works at HSN2!!!!! Maybe he can score one for me - he gets the best presents for everyone since he started working there -- how lucky am I?]

Anyway, Here is the idea from Notes from a Novice Primary leader:

Today, with a rowdy, holiday-weekend Jr. Primary, I decided at the last minute to do the good ol' hide-the-magnet game instead of my planned activity.  They LOVED it - Jr. and Sr. both - they sang great and participate the whole time!  It's a game they played often with the previous chorister.

Basic idea - you pick two children.  One goes out into the hall while the other hides the magnet (a good-size clamp one, like the kind you use to seal food bags or hang notes on the fridge with).  When the hall kid comes back in, the primary sings louder/softer depending on how close the hall kid is getting to the magnet.

Super simple.  No prep.  And, apparently, a fave for our primary.  

I had the idea of having the child that hides the magnet pick one of the songs (from my song graphic cards below - mostly by Susan Fitch Design), showing it to the kids and then clipping it to the magnet! Then the child who finds the magnet picks the next song, attaches it to the magnet (great fine motor skills for the younger set!) and hides the magnet.

Here are my song graphics - almost all of them are from Susan Fitch (the ones that are nowhere near as cute were done by me - you'll be able to tell). I did include some "fun songs" that aren't on the schedule for 2013 [and designed by Susan Fitch as well]

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  1. I love your take on the magnet idea - so clever!