Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memory game with song graphics

Months and months ago I happened upon Oh sing sing sing ... We love to sing. She shared this great resource: someone who has made and posted (for free!) various things on TpT [sign up for a free account today!!!! You won't regret it - I adore Teachers pay Teachers - sooooooo many fabulous idea].

I grabbed some of these great calendar pages, cut them up, laminated them and use them for playing memory. As Oh sing sing sing says: "I put the songs underneath them and have the kids call out 2 numbers and check to see if it is a match. I love them because they have the numbers on them so they can call out the number from their chair and saves time not having the kids get up and down and move all about.I can switch out what I put on the back. So far, I have just used song titles that we are reviewing this year. "

My previous post has the graphics I have used that are mostly from Susan Fitch Design. I reduced them to a size that would fit on the calendar cards and for the 2013 songs, since Susan just had one graphic each, I would print those pages twice. However, Susan made some previous graphics where she doubled the image and saved it as such - so of those I just printed one page. I was reading her 2013 primary song post again this evening and realized that the link she provides for the previous songs doesn't work. But you can find them here (and they are adorable!!!!!!!)

Hopefully later I'll be able to update with a picture of the cards (they are currently at the meetinghouse awaiting next week to serve as a substitute game as I will be out on vacation)

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