Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Know My Father Lives

For April, the Sharing Time Outline has asked Primary Music Leaders to select a song from the  Children's Song Book. In December (or whenever it was; that was a LONG time ago) I went searching for my songs (as May is the same way). I decided to find songs that went with the yearly theme: I am a Child of God. So I looked up "Child of God" in the topic section. That led me to the "Worth of a a Child" section. That section has 19 songs. I chose "I Know My Father Lives" - because I feel it is a classic that doesn't get sung enough and very simple and beautiful - and "Can a Little Child Like Me" (more on that one later). And after perusing blogland - I think I am the only one that did that. It seems like many people based their choices on the theme for the month (a very popular choice for April being "The Priesthood is Restored" but we just sang that in 2011, so I wanted to find something different).
So I hope I am not wrong in my choice - and this may help absolutely no one else since I am the only one to pick this song but here it goes anyway.
So Sugardoodle (the best site just about ever, by the way) has a page for this song on the Primary Song Index .
First it talks about the author/composer: "About the composer - Reid Nibley: Brother Nibley, a concert pianist and BYU faculty member, was asked to write a song about testimony. He wrote quickly because the words and music came at the same time. “I Know My Father Lives” was very simple, so Brother Nibley began adding notes. It became more and more complicated, so he erased all the unnecessary notes. When he finished erasing, the song was just as it had been written the first time!  (Taken from "Fun with Favorites" from the October 1985 Friend Magazine)"

Then, there is a link to a page at Christy's Clip art that doesn't seem to work for me, but I went to the site itself and found this idea "VERY EASY!  Simply type out the following words[KNOW, LIVES, LOVES, SPIRIT, TRUE] {SENT, EARTH, FAITH, PLAN, I CAN} (two to a page, landscape) on the computer in a font that you like and print.  As you go through the song, show the words.  I would have the stack and toss the words as I came to them. "
Then, I will have the kids come back up and place them in order on the board.
And I don't normally do flip charts, but I may print up Jolly Jen's almost solely because it is only two pages (you know, and for its super cuteness)


  1. I just want you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to write this post -- WE PICKED THIS SONG TOO!! :) I've been trying to figure out the best way to introduce it, and your post helped a lot -- thank you so much, and Happy Mother's Day!! :)

    1. Yay!!! I am so glad it helped! I didn't think anyone would choose the same song. I chose an even more obscure song for this month "Can A Little Child Like Me" because I am all about learning new or re-learning less familiar songs. Happy "You are An Awesome Daughter of God" Day!!! (and Mother's Day, too!)