Sunday, March 24, 2013

If The Savior Stood Beside Me posters

I am posting this extremely late, but I'm doing it anyway, because I am terribly vain and almost sinfully proud of my posters.

Way back in January, I found posters from Because I have been Given Much. On the post, the author talked about Costco and how, apparently, you can take a document and or file to Costco and they will print it out in poster size. I have also seen that this is quite ridiculously cheap. So for those who have a Costco near them -- that's great.

I am not one of those people. The closest one is about 60 miles away.

So plan B - ask local library if they have an opaque projector. And they did!!!!!!! (For those of you old enough - like me - to remember what opaque projectors are you can skip this part - but an opaque projector is an unbelievably heavy bulky object that you can put a page into and it will project it onto the wall many times the original size - kind of like an overhead projector, but the item being projected can be on plain paper - or in a book {this was obviously way before just converting items into digital form and making a power point presentation out of it})

AND they even let me check it out!!!! So I took every day available to wait around until I hurried up at the last minute and made this poster.

I'm not going to say it was easy - because it wasn't. I also used foam board instead of poster board and there is a size discrepancy that is made very obvious with the projector. But I muddled through the focus issues and then cut out the pictures from the one I printed, enlarged them (found that 265% was the best size - through trial and error as you can see the top pic is a bit small) and glued them into their corresponding places.

So the rationalization for this post and showing off my poster - I did this for all verses and it was great. They look great and are on that sturdy foam board and I can store them at church and believe I will be using them later.

But I am afraid that using these posters to teach the song was not the best idea. The kids who can read just read it and the kids who can't really were lost today when we started going over it again (probably because I took a "break" for St. Patrick's day). So when I taught it today, I feel things went quite better. But I only got through the first verse and didn't have time for my game of filling in the words with senior, but I guess I have a filler activity already prepared. (Like I would ever have time for a filler, but maybe I can use it in the summer for review.)

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