Friday, March 1, 2013

Ideas for If the Savior stood Beside Me

(Hand in Hand by Greg Olsen)
If you haven't visited Sally DeFord's site - and page dedicated especially to this song - DO IT NOW! You really won't regret it (well, maybe other than spending all that time listening to ALL the different arrangements)
When looking for an image, I found this post - while it's not really a singing idea, it is a great story about how this song truly applies to life. Whether or not I tell it to the kids, I really like that I now have this perspective
Primary Singing Time Singing Magic has a great flip chart and activity
And then, something I am really excited about: A Make your Own Scratch off  Word Game!
My description does not do it any justice, so just go over to Notes From a Novice Primary Music Leader and check it out. If I was able to make the Child of God children, I think I can totally do this.

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