Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

For St. Patrick's day, I was fortunate enough to find a fabulous idea from Primary Singing Time Ideas for Leaders. I am adapting it a bit and here is how I plan to do it:

Brittney paired each phrase denoting luckiness (or being blessed) with a song and I put them all on foam shamrocks

I found a package of a dozen shamrocks from the dollar store (you know, for a dollar) and bought two packages. In each package, there were 6 plain foam ones and 6 glittered ones. So I combined each group and wound up with 12 plain, 12 glittered and here is what I did with them.
Junior primary - I used the plain foam shamrocks.  I printed the statement on one side and then the song on the other. But I wanted to highlight the difference between blessed and lucky, so instead of saying it, I wrote blessed on the Shamrock, but covered with a sticker that says lucky.

I will hide the shamrocks around the primary room with the statement facing outwards
So a child will find a shamrock that says "We are lucky to have bodies". Then we will talk about where our bodies came from and how Heavenly Father has blessed us with bodies. Then the child can peel off the sticker and reveal the word blessed. Then we will turn over the shamrock and sing the corresponding song (In this case; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

Senior primary - for senior, I used both sets. I wrote the statement out again on each of the glittered shamrocks, but of course on the plain side. I will hide the glittered shamrocks around the room, glitter side facing out. I will post all of the double sided shamrocks on the board with the song facing out. The child will pick a shamrock, read the statement, then try to pick the corresponding song and we will sing it (Also removing the "lucky" sticker to reveal "blessed" on the statement.

In both singing times, the child will have the option to keep the "lucky" sticker if they wish. At the end, I will give each child a "I am blessed" sticker (that they can put over their lucky stickers if they so wish)

Now I completely just pulled clip art off of Google for the "lucky" and "I am blessed"; nothing is original and I really don't have a source to credit. If you are against that kind of thing, I apologize. But I rationalize all of this plagiarizing by keeping in mind that I am not getting paid or making any profit from the work of unnamed others. Hope that is okay in the end.

Lucky vs Blessed by Laura Henckel

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