Friday, March 1, 2013

My Nursery Bag

Finally, finally, FINALLY! I got my nursery bag finished (actually almost a month ago and am NOW just getting around to post, but that's okay. It's DONE! and I couldn't be happier). I based my entire idea off of Camille's Nursery Bag from Camille's Primary Ideas. I changed it up a bit. NOTICE: I do have two songs not in the songbook. So I'm not sure how you feel about songs not in the book, but one of them is about ducks and I had some tiny "rubber" ducks from the closet and my daughter (in nursery) adores ducks, so I went with it.
Here is my list of songs:

Nursery Songs

1. Happy Family p. 198 (picture frames) (I cut out 5 "frames" from cardboard, spray painted them and the kids hold them and stick their heads through them - {pretending to be in the family picture that you hang on the wall}: now I have a small nursery (no more than 5 children each week), so this was not as difficult as making 12 might be. It was time consuming and quite an exercise, but the kids adore these frames.)

2. Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam p. 60 (sunbeam necklaces) (the ones in the document look like egg yolks with a starburst around them to me. If you can find foam sun cutouts [like Camille did] I would go with that - besides, they were wicked hard to cut out)

3. Popcorn Popping p. 242 (actions)
4. Five Little Ducks (ducks)
5. Itsy Bitsy Spider (actions)

6. Do As I'm Doing p. 276 (shakers)
7. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes p. 275 (actions)
8. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission p. 169 (tags)
9. Once There Was a Snowman p. 249 (actions)
10. Follow the Prophet, chorus only p. 110 (prophet sticks)
11. I am a Child of God p. 2 (sit quietly with arms folded)

Here is the pdf of the visuals I cut out and then had laminated:

Nursery Visual Aids by Laura Henckel

Here is the little list I printed up to remind me of my songs

Nursery Song List by Laura Henckel

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